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We try to anticipate questions you might have about New Jersey laws and provide the answers here. Please keep in mind there is a 72 hour waiting period in NJ to get your license. Military wavers can sometimes be obtained by a judge.  If you need additional information  please contact your registrar or send email to or

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From: LINDA MOORE WEDDING officiant ( Y
Sent: Fri 9/28/12 6:37 PM
1)If the applicants are residents of New Jersey, the license can be obtained from the 
Registrar in the municipality in which either applicant resides. The license is valid in any
municipality in the State of New Jersey.
(2) If the applicants are non-residents of New Jersey, and wish to be joined in ceremony in
New jersey the applicants must apply in the town you wish to be married...
(3) Once the application has been filed, there is a 72 hour waiting period before the ceremony
can take place. The application is valid for up to 6-months and is retained in the Registrar
Office. Keep in mind that if a ceremony is taking place on a Saturday or Sunday, you must
apply by the previous Tuesday to allow for the 72 hour waiting period and since the Registrar
office is not open on weekends, the license must be issued and picked up by Friday.
[ask about government required furlough days ]
(4) If for some reason, the 72 hour waiting period cannot be met, the applicants must appear
before a Superior Court judge to have it waived and that signed waiver must be presented
to the Registrar prior to the license being issued. ( often used by military personnel )
(5) Same sex couples who entered into a Domestic Partnership can enter into a Civil Union with
the same partner by means of the Civil Union process. Once the couple enters into the Civil
Union their previous Domestic Partnership terminates and the rights of Civil Unions apply.
Required documents when applying for a marriage / civil union license:
(1) Birth Certificate, Proof of identity (established by presenting your driver’s license,
passport or state/federal I.D.)
(2) A WITNESS must be the age of eighteen or over. If the applicants are unable to apply at the
same time, they may apply separately; however the same witness must be present for both
parties applying.
(3) If either party was previously married or in civil union and is either divorced or widowed,
you must bring a copy of the divorce decree or dissolution of a civil union which shows
the name of the judge and the date and place of the final decree or a certified copy of a death
(4) Social Security Number is required by law for US citizen and will be kept confidential.
Any documents in a foreign language must be accompanied by a certified English translation.
(5) If an applicant is under the age of 18, consent of both parents is required.
(6) If an applicant is under the age of 16, both parental consents AND judicial approval of such
consents are required.
(7) $28.00 for the license fee.
 8- If you are now in a CIVIL UNION and wish to be married , you must apply for a new license.
Wedding day....
TWO (2) witnesses are required entering into a matrimonial or Civil Union. The witnesses
must be at least 12 years old.
Ceremony officiant has 5 days after the wedding to file license.
After the ceremony the license is recorded in the municipality in which the service took place.
You must contact that municipality in order to receive a certified copy. With the new laws
concerning 9-11, identification must be presented at time of request for a certified copy. A
Request Form must be filled out and identification presented. The purchase price of a certified copy varies from town to town.
If you have additional questions, you may contact the local registrar .